03. EAS Small Chemical Spills Designates

Available on a 24 hour basis. When in doubt, please call for assistance

Katie Nichols

  • EAS phone numbers are 780-288-3554
  • Home phone number is 780-217-4768

Daniel Alessi

  • EAS phone numbers are 780-492-8019
  • Home phone number 587-987-0102


For smaller spills, the spill designates may either assist you in cleaning up the spill or tell you how to clean the spill up safely, or they may call the Office of Environmental Health & Safety on campus. EH&S  has some equipment to clean up spills, so they may or may not assist in cleaning up the spill.  If EH&S feel that the spill is too toxic they may advise you to call either the Fire Department or a company called SHIELD Specialized Emergency Services at 1-866-334-1290 to clean up the spill.   If anyone has been exposed to a toxic chemical, EH&S recommends that you call PADIS at 1-866-332-1414 for directions or go to the nearest hospital.