05. EAS Small Chemical Spills Designates

Available on a 24 hour basis. When in doubt, please call for assistance

Diane Caird

  • EAS phone numbers are 780-492-1122 or 780-248-1270
  • Home phone number is 780-487-2421

Robert Creaser

  • EAS phone numbers are 780-492-2942, 780-492-1118, or 780-492-8979
  • Home phone number 780-436-8802

David Chesterman

  • EAS phone number is 780-492-8494
  • Home phone number is 780-554-4444

Spills designates will either assist you in cleaning up the spill or tell you how to clean the spill up safely. They also may call the University Control Center at 780-492-5555 to request assistance from the Office of Environmental Health & Safety on Campus. This call will be made only if the spill is of a highly toxic nature and it is deemed that we do not have enough safety equipment on hand to clean up the spill ourselves. If you cannot reach an EAS Spills designate you can call Control Center yourself and request assistance from EH&S. However, it is always best to start with the department personnel first.