03. Off Campus Phone Numbers

Important Phone Numbers OFF Campus

Dial 9 in front of phone number to get off campus whenever you use a University phone.

If you are calling from a pay-phone or a cell phone, do not use a “9” in front of the phone numbers.

Police/Fire/Ambulance: 911
Police: 9-780-423-4567
Fire 9-780-496-3800
Ambulance 9-780-426-3232
Crime Stoppers 9-780-422-8477
Distress & Suicide 9-780-482-4357 (9-780-482-HELP)
Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton 9-780-423-4121
Poison Centre 9-1-800-332-1414
Alberta Public Safety 9-780-422-9600
University Hospital 9-780-407-8822