01. Phone Numbers

­Police/Fire/Ambulance:­ 911­

Important Phone Numbers ON Campus:

Control Centre   24h 780-492-5555­ Building Emergencies
Protective Service 24h 780-492-5050 Complaints, Personal Safety, lost& found, alarm systems & vehicle accidents
Maintenance-University Bldgs   24 h 780-492-4833 Major or minor building repair­s & mechanical problems, water leaks, lights, minor repairs in buildings.
Building Services ESB and Tory Bldg.  780-492-3209 for *Andy Riddle Shutdown information, complicated building issues,
University Hospital 24h 780-407-8822 Call ahead in case of a chemical injuries.
Student Health Services 780-492-2612 Medical assistance
Campus Safewalk 780-492-5563 or 4WALKME Safe escort to the bus station or your car.


* This person is NOT available on an immediate basis – therefore please call 780-492-4833 for immediate assistance.
* Available 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays

Reminder – If you required the assistance of one of the above services – please inform the Safety Officer