Overview of Changes in Provincial Occupational Health & Safety Act and Regulations

From: Alberta Government Website: Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Act, Regulation and Code, 2015


In 2002, the Minister of Alberta Human Resources and Employment challenged Albertans to reduce workplace injuries by 40% by the end of 2004. Provincial industry, safety and labour partners have committed to meeting this goal. To support the achievement of this injury reduction target, a provincial working group representing key stakeholders convened at the Workplace Safety 2.0 Forum.


A joint industry and government strategy on workplace safety was developed, with six key objectives:

  • Increase awareness of workplace health and safety and the need to reduce injuries.
  • Expand and strengthen partnerships among employers, workers and government in health and safety program development and injury prevention.
  • Strengthen the workplace health and safety legislative and regulatory framework and develop improved safety standards.
  • Improve workplace health and safety compliance through new incentives and enforcement initiatives.
  • Expand training and education in workplace health and safety.
  • Improve workplace health and safety research and performance reporting.
  • OH&S Act, Regulation & Code

University of Alberta: Department of EAS:

What this means to U of A Employees and Supervisors is that a number of changes have been made regarding the Alberta Occupational Safety Act and Regulations. The EAS Safety Committee has listed some of the changes that apply to our workers, and have provided links to the Alberta OH&S Act, Regulations and newly introduced Codes, April, 2004. Please review this information as it applies to the way we operate our labs, and perform field work.

University personnel are required to meet all Federal, Provincial and University regulations while conducting University business. The EAS Safety Committee is always working to actively inform you of the changes that apply to the way we conduct business.