Helicopter Safety

This is a very brief overview of safety tips picked up from reading helicopter safety informa­tion. If you are going to be involved in a helicopter mission you must do further research. The links below contain useful information regarding helicopter usage/safety.

Helicopters are exciting and dangerous:

  • keep your head [figuratively and literally]
  • pay close attention to the pilots’ pre-flight briefing
  • outside of North America ensure there is a pilots’ pre-flight briefing

If the rotors are turning or about to turn

  • you should always approach in the pilots’ visual field [front]
  • approach a helicopter walking uphill or crouching if on the level
  • never approach a helicopter from above [main rotor]
  • never approach a helicopter from the rear [tail rotor]
  • hold onto all light weight items as they could be blown away
  • if an item does get blown away do not chase it – it’s not worth your life unless you have been specifically designated as a helper

You are cargo – do what you are told:
keep your head down your mouth shut and keep your hands to yourself

Helicopter links