Incident Reporting Procedures

Reporting injuries/incidents procedures:

There are several steps that are important to follow when reporting on the job incidents­ or injuries. On the job incidents are considered any injuries that occur in the buildings, labs or when in the field.

There are three main aspects when reporting an incident or injury:

  • first response: treating the injured person
  • recording details of the incident (who, where, when, treatment)
  • notifying the department Safety Officer,Assistant Chair (Admin), or Chair. They are then responsible to notify the Office of Environmental Health & Safety and Risk Management. Workers Compensation Claims are handled through Human Resources, but cannot be filed until the incident is reported through the correct channels.

The type of injury will control the response.  Below are some examples:

In a teaching lab:

Undergrad student receives a minor injury during a lab.

  1. notify the TA.
  2. treat injury with supplies from the lab first aid kit. record information using the First Aid Report form, stored in the first aid kit. Copy must be given to the Assistant Chair (Admin), and not left in the First Aid Kit.
  3. TA should inform the Lab Coordinator as soon as possible.
  4. First Aid Kit Report form:  First Aid Form

In a research lab/other area:

Graduate Student receives a chemical burn while running an experiment

  1. rinse the area with cold water for at least 15 minutes
  2. seek medical attention for all chemical burns,  student should take a hardcopy of MSDS sheet with him/her to Student’s Health Services. (HF burns have a special protocol to follow.) Ensure that someone goes with the injured person to Student Health Services or hospital.
  3. inform their supervisor, and supervisor of the lab where injury occurred if it is not the same person.
  4. write the incident up and file copy with the department Assistant Chair (Admin). The Assistant Chair (Admin) will send copies to the Office of Environmental Health & Safety. When medical attention is sought, WCB forms must also be filed. (See Serious Injuries in the Lab for WCB forms.)
  5. EH&S-Report an Injury/Incidence
  6. give the filled out Injury form to the department Safety Officer.


Serious Injury in the Lab:

Summon the appropriate help, all EAS Safety Committee members have First Aid Training

  1. call 911 for an ambulance
  2. begin first aid, use First Aid Kit available in the lab
  3. if possible contact the Lab Supervisor to inform him/her of the accident
  4. any incident where medical assistance has been sought must be recorded and EH&S forms filled within 72 hours of the incident even if student is able to return to work after seeking medical attention. Workman’s Compensation also requires that their forms be filled out if an injury has occurred in the workplace. (WCB forms are at the end of this report – see Serious Accidents in the Field.) If a worker has a workplace injury and medical attention is not sought, the incident should be written up with an EH&S injury/incident report in case of future complications for the injured person. See above for EH&S Incident/Injury form.


Serious Accident in the Field:

  1. The fact that you are working in the field means that you have your First Aid Training. Apply the appropriate first aid to the situation.
  2. Summon the appropriate EMS service. (Local ambulance, STARS Emergency Link Center)
  3. Contact U of A Supervisor, or Assistant Chair (Admin) or Chair, as soon as possible to report the incident.
  4. Record details of the incidence and file paperwork with the Assistant Chair (Admin) as soon as possible. The Department must fill out the  WCB forms in 72 hours – there are fines for  late reporting. (Fill out the First Aid Kit form, have injured person fill out Part A of the WCB form and file with Assistant Chair (Admin) within 72 hour. The Employer or Faculty Advisor must fill out Part B of the WCB form.) The following link at U of A Human Resources will allow you to access these forms:
  5. WCB Report – Part A: to be filled out by the injured personnel as soon as possible after the event
  6. WCB Report – Part B: to be filled out by the person’s Supervisor and submitted to EH&S within 72 hours
  7. If you have any questions on which form must be filled out in the event of an accident, contact the department Assistant Chair (Admin) or any EAS Safety Committee personnel.


All First Aid and Worker’s Compensation forms can be found on the Office of Environmental Health & Safety Site at: EH&S Injury Portal


Occupational Health & Safety Legislation Required Reportable Incidences or Near Misses:

There are also reporting requirements under the Occupational Health & Safety Legisaltion regardless of whether the incidents results in a personal injury or an illness.  These specific types of incidents or injuries require IMMEDIATE reporting to the Office of Environmental Health & Safety.  In these cases, EH&S will contact regulators on behalf of the University and assist you with your response to the incident or injury.  These specific incidents and injuries are:

Any incident or injury involving pressure equipment
Any incident or injury involving flood, fire or explosion 
Any incident or injury involving an elevator
Any incident or injury resulting in hospitalization
Any incident or injury related to the collapse of a crane or derrick
Any incident or injury related to the collapse of structure necessary for the structural integrity of a building
To report these incidents, contact 780-492-3710.


Near Misses and Other Health Related Concerns:

Potential Accidents or Incidents (Close calls):

There can be situations that if left unchecked, could result in serious incidents or injuries. Such situations should be reported to the Lab Supervisor or Department Safety Officer immediately, who will then in turn contact the appropriate resources to have the situation resolved immediately. If the Lab Supervisor or Safety Officer are not available, contact the Department Assistant Chair (Admin) or the Chair. Such situations may be written up using the standard reporting procedure to ensure that the situation has been resolved and new protocols are followed.


 Occupational Health Concerns:

Whenever a person is concerned about a lab procedure or has a health concern regarding the job they perform, they can contact the Department Safety Officer, Assistant Chair (Admin), or Office of Environmental Health & Safety. It is best to work towards a solution instead of filing a NASA complaint


Time Restrictions when filing an Accident Report:

There are time restrictions in filing accident and injury reports. The Department must file an injury report to the Office of Environmental Health & Safety within 48 hours of an accident.

The University must file an accident report with the Workman’s Compensation Board within 72 hours after an injury has occurred, or risk severe fines. ($25,000.00 for non-reporting)

Therefore, whenever there has been a workplace incident/injury reported to any Faculty Advisor, Staff Member or Teaching Assistant, they must immediately advise the Assistant Chair (Admin) and provide written information of the event.


Workers Compensation Board Role at the U of A:

The WCB-Alberta is a mutual insurance organization that is funded by employers in the province. Its role is to provide workplace liability and disability insurance for its members. All University of Alberta Employees are covered under the WCB if they are injured while performing their duties, but in addition, students are also covered if they are injured while engaged in activities related to their educational program (i.e. in a class or a laboratory or while on a field trip). If a university employee is injured at work, the WCB may reimburse the University for the Employees Wages while recovering. For students injured while engaged in some aspect of their program, the WCB may reimburse them for wages lost because they could not continue a part-time job or for an ambulance or prescription drugs (this coverage for students is paid for by the Alberta Department of Higher Education, not the University of Alberta).

The Workers’ Compensation Board requires notification of all worker accidents in which:

  • a worker requires medical attention, or
  • a worker cannot continue working after the injury

WCB report forms (see attached), are required from both the worker and the employer. Students or workers should submit their completed form to the Assistant Chair (Admin), who will complete the employer form and send both over to Human Resource Services within 72 hours. Also, if the injured person seeks medical attention, inform the doctor that the accident occurred at work so that a medical WCB report can be submitted within 48-72 hours.

Employee Form

Employer Form