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Location of EAS First Aid Kits

Earth Science Building

Room Size of Kit
B-02 ESB Alberta #2­
B-06 ESB Alberta #3
B-10 ESB Alberta #1
B-14 ESB Alberta #2
1-03 ESB Alberta #1
1-11 ESB Alberta #2
1-20 ESB Alberta #3
1-26 ESB Alberta #3
2-17 ESB Alberta #2
2-02 ESB Alberta #3
3-01 ESB Alberta #3
3-12 ESB Alberta #2
*4-07 ESB Alberta #3
*4-14 ESB Alberta #1
4-17 ESB Alberta #1
4-22 ESB Alberta #3

Head House(Rock Saw Rm)  

Head House Rock Crushing Room      


Alberta #2

Core Lab, B-24 CEB Alberta #3

* Ultra Clean Labs, do not enter. Must wear appropriate lab attire to enter these rooms

Tory Building

Room Size of Kit
T3-32 (DIF Lab) Alberta #3
T3-80 Alberta #3
T-3-97 Alberta #2

First Aid Courses

For information on First Aid requirements, check out the First Aid Information portal at the Office of Environmental Health & Safety:  EH&S FA training­

If you take a first aid course you should make sure that they are providing a government approved course. Go to the government site to check for approved first aid providers:


The following First Aid providers are located in Edmonton and offer a government approved Standard First Aid Courses:


  • Second Chance/Spectrum Safety Courses.  They are located at:  Suite 103, 11710 Kingsway Avenue, Edmonton, AB, T5G 0X5, phone:  780-429-6757.  To book a course:
  • Breath for Life Inc., offering courses at 5 locations in Edmonton during the week and on weekends.  Contact information:  Phone:  780-953-0537 to book a course:

Wilderness First Aid Courses: 

Some research groups who travel to remote locations might like to have more than just the Standard First Aid Training.  Below are some Wilderness First Aid course providers:

Yamnuska –  based in Canmore, Alberta:

Wilderness Medical Association – contact Ron Morrison:          1-866-766-9283 or cell:  780-993-7582 to set up a course.

Western Canada Fire & First Aid Inc. – based in Edmonton. AB:

Rocky Mountain Adventur Medicine Inc.  – based in Manyhorses Close Redwood Meadows, AB – Phone (403) 949-2632